SONG: Spring Heat
    ARTIST: Atropolis
    CD TITLE: Transitions
    CD LABEL: Cumba Mela


    SONG: In the Gray (Instrumental)
    ARTIST: Captain Planet
    CD TITLE: Esperanto Slang
    CD LABEL: Bastard Jazz


    SONG: Black Orchid
    ARTIST: The Soul Jazz Orchestra
    CD TITLE: Inner Fire
    CD LABEL: Strut



    SONG: Long Road
    ARTIST: Christos DC
    CD TITLE: Long Road
    CD LABEL: Honest Music



And this extra, picked by Marco Werman, in memory of Argentinian musician Gustavo Cerati, who died on Thursday, Sept 4, 2014 at age 55.  Here's one of his greatest hits with the trio Soda Stereo:

    SONG:  De Musica Ligera
    ARTIST: Soda Stereo
    CD TITLE: De Musica Ligera
    CD LABEL: De Musica Ligera


    And check out this YouTube performance.

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