Music heard on the air for August 15, 2014

The songs played on The World for Friday, August 15, 2014 include:

Orchestre National de Jazz    SONG: Requiem pour un con
    ARTIST: Orchestre National de Jazz
    CD TITLE: The Party
    CD LABEL: World Village


Quraishi    SONG: Jananna
    ARTIST: Quraishi
    CD TITLE: Mountain Melodies
    CD LABEL: Evergreene Music


Adrian Raso and Fanfare Ciocarlia    SONG: Quattro Cicci
    ARTIST: Adrian Raso and Fanfare Ciocarlia
    CD TITLE: Devil's Tale
    CD LABEL: Asphalt Tango Records


And a couple of weeks ago we told you why you should proudly wear your love of AC/DC on your sleeve. Well, apparently great white sharks are fans too! We couldn't help but go back to this little known shark fact and play a track by the Australian rockers after Marco Werman's interview with shark photographer Michael Muller:

AC/DC    SONG: If You Want Blood
    CD TITLE: If You Want Blood You Got It
    CD LABEL: Sony