Fidel Castro turns 88 (PHOTOS)

A woman takes a picture of a photo of former Cuban President Fidel Castro during the opening of a photography exhibition on him in Havana. Castro turns 88 years old on Wednesday, Aug. 13.
Credit: Adalberto Roque


Eugenio Selman, Castro’s former personal doctor, attends the exhibit opening.



So does Armando Hart, a former member of the Cuban government and a friend of Castro’s.

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A cameraman sets up in front of photos and a collage dedicated to the leader.


“The revolution thriving and victorious continues onward,” reads this poster held by a boy in Havana.



Even after his brother Raul Castro took over Cuban leadership in 2008, Fidel Castro’s image remains an omnipresent force throughout the island. This poster reads “Homeland or death” and “We will be victorious.”



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