The songs played between segments on The World for August 11, 2014 include:

    SONG: Segou Breakdown
    ARTIST: Benyoro
    CD TITLE: Benyoro
    CD LABEL: Benyoro Music


    SONG: Fiesta De Los Feos
    ARTIST: Spam Allstars
    CD TITLE: The Rough Guide to Latin Music for Children 2
    CD LABEL: World Music Network


    SONG: Freedom Groove
    ARTIST: Zebrina
    CD TITLEL: Hamidbar Medaber
    CD LABEL: Tzadik Records


And reporter Betto Arcos told us why music from the Balkans is booming in Mexico. Here's a track by a band mentioned in his piece:

    SONG: Guero Taquero
    ARTIST: Polka Madre
    CD TITLE: Endless
    CD LABEL: Polka Madre

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