Music heard on the air for August 8, 2014

The tunes played between segments on The World for August 8, 2014 include:

Atropolis    SONG: Spring Heat
    ARTIST: Atropolis
    CD TITLE: Transitions
    CD LABEL: Cumba Mela


Tropical Disco Hustle    SONG: Dance With Me (Al Kent Version)
    ARTIST: Odessey One
    CD TITLE: Topical Disco Hustle
    CD LABEL: Cultures of Soul


 Hadouk Quartet    SONG: Danse Des Lutins
    ARTIST: Hadouk Quartet
    CD TITLE: Hadoukly Yours
    CD LABEL: naïve


Captain Planet    SONG: In the Gray (Instrumental)
    ARTIST: Captain Planet
    CD TITLE: Esperanto Slang
    CD LABEL: Bastard Jazz