Music heard on the air for August 4, 2014

The tunes played between segments on The World for August 4, 2014 include:

Toumani & Sidike    SONG: Rachid Ouitguini
    ARTIST: Toumani & Sidike
    CD TITLE: Toumani & Sidike
    CD LABEL: World Circuit


Train to Basra    SONG: Lima Sahar
    ARTIST: Salaam
    CD TITLE: Train to Basra
    CD LABEL: Salaam Band


Jalilah Raks Sharki    SONG: Mashaal
    ARTIST: Jalilah Raks Sharki
    CD TITLE: Jalilah's Raks Sharki Stage Cuts
    CD LABEL: Piranha Musik


Zongo Junction    SONG: No Discount
    ARTIST: Zongo Junction
    CD TITLE: No Discount
    CD LABEL: Electric Cowbell Records


And we played three tracks off the new compilation CD Wired for Sound. All the music was recorded in a mobile four-wheel drive recording studio during a stop in Mozambique last year.

Wired for Sound    SONGS: Thikukulola, a traditional tune and Takunha Dilani
    ARTIST: Various Artists
    CD TITLE: Wired for Sound
    CD LABEL: Freeground Records