A dog watches a cat sitting comfortably inside the Miagola Cafe in Turin. The newly opened Miagola Cafe is a concept bar where cats and human beings can have a drink and relax. Dogs are pissed.
Credit: AFP

You know about cat people. And you know about dog people. (You know about dog people.)

But has it ever occurred to you that there are also cat countries and dog countries?

Well, there are. Whole countries. And thanks to data on pet ownership in 54 countries from market research firm Euromonitor, we now know which ones they are.

In brief, South America and much of Asia are all about dogs. Meanwhile, cats have captured the hearts of Western Europeans — except for those in Spain, Portugal and Ireland.

The Washington Post has a nice map that lays it all out.

"Some regions, like the Middle East and part of Africa, have an especially long-standing appreciation of cats," Jared Koerten, a pet industry analyst at Euromonitor, told the Washington Post. "In Latin America it's the complete opposite. Dogs are part of family life there."

Here are some more site-specific stats: Cats outnumber dogs 3-to-1 in Switzerland, Austria and Turkey.

In India, pet dogs outnumber pet cats 10-to-1. Pet dogs also dominate in China, though to a lesser extent (2.5-to-1). And yes, even counting the ones dyed to look like pandas.

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