This dude on a mountain bike was the real winner of the Tour de France

Vincenzo Nibali, an Italian rider for team Astana, won the Tour de France yesterday. It was the 101st tour, and Nibali was the first Italian in 16 years to take home the top prize. He also deserves first prize for his nickname, the "Shark of Messina."

Speaking from the podium on the Champs-Elysees, he said, "This is the most important and nicest moment in my entire career. I never imagined having happiness like this."

Great work by Vincenzo, but the most important and nicest moment at this Tour de France totally up-staged his champagne-toasting victory ride. You've never imagined happiness like this.

Watch what happened while Nibali and his team were coasting in celebration:

This is a man who saw his moment and captured it fearlessly. Let's celebrate him. He is the true winner of the Tour de France. And that GIF deserves a soundtrack.

Team Astana saw it all happen and clearly loved it.