Music heard on the air for Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The songs played on The World for Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Roots of Electronic Tango (Downtempo)    SONG: Otra Luna
    ARTIST: Narcotango
    CD TITLE: The Roots of Electronic Tango (Downtempo)
    CD LABEL: Ultrapop


Ernest Ranglin Bless Up    SONG: Ska Renzo
    ARTIST: Ernest Ranglin
    CD TITLE: Bless Up
    CD LABEL: Avila Street Records

Maroma Ndavi    SONG: Maroma Ndavi
    ARTIST: Pasatono Orquesta
    CD TITLE: Maroma
    CD LABEL: Corason


After the Tempest    SONG: Nangating
    ARTIST: Baka Beyond
    CD TITLE: After the Tempest
    CD LABEL: March Hare Music



Here's the song Patrick Cox chose for a coda to his story about Shakespeare's influence on the English language.


MC Lars

MC Lars

  SONG: Hey There Ophelia
    ARTIST: MC Lars
    CD TITLE: This Gigantic Robot Kills
    CD LABEL: Oglio/Crappy