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Someone stole 300,000 liters of beer in Germany


Who wouldn't want to steal this beer?


Adam Berry

How does one even go about stealing so much of something? 

The answer is actually very simple: First you take some, then you come back for more.  

Sometime after last Thursday, a group of thieves broke into a warehouse in the German city of Krefeld and took some pallets of beer. They loaded those onto a tractor trailer and then came back for more.

They apparently did this 10 times, since the amount of beer (300,000 liters) is enough to fill 10 trucks. At the bar in Germany, that amount of beer would sell for about 2.1 million euros ($3 million). 

Where the theives went with it all is anyone's guess at this stage. Someone thought they spotted the robbers speeding east on the the A40 Autobahn toward the city of Duisburg. 

The police are stumped and asking the same endearingly earnest questions as everyone else: "Has anyone noticed a large amount of beer?" police wrote in a press release. "Can anyone provide information on a possible storage area?"

According to the Wall Street Journal, police are even speculating as to motives. I mean, come on, who would even want to steal that much beer? Really.