An enormous crater randomly appeared in remote Siberia and the world is freaking out

It's hard to tell from this perspective — ya know, while on the internet — but that's a freakin' gigantic hole in the ground.

It's about 260 feet wide, nobody knows how deep, and it seems to have appeared out of nowhere in a remote corner of northern Siberia called Yamal, which means, appropriately, "the end of the world."

There are plenty of theories already. Could be a UFO crash site, some say. Others, a meteorite.

A researcher with the Sub-Arctic Scientific Research Centre thinks it might have been caused by a release of subterranean gas trapped for 10,000 years or so. The gas, according to the theory, had been trapped since the area was a sea, and as climate change melted the permafrost, that pressurized gas might have forced its way out of the ground like a corked champagne bottle.

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Incidentally, the Yamal Peninsula is one of Russia's richest regions for the production of oil and gas, and the hole appeared 19 miles from Bovanenkovo, a major gas field. So it could have something to do with that...

Thankfully, scientists are ON IT. Experts from the Centre for the Study of the Arctic and from the Cryosphere Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences are on an expedition as we speak.

Check out this video of the mysterious crater, shot from a helicopter.