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This heart-wrenching new ad from Thailand will leave you crying in a puddle of your own tears

What is up with Thai ads? They are like sob fest takes the tearjerker express. Tissue box heaven on planet Kleenex. Snotting everywhere with a side of cry myself to sleep.

The latest is about how real humans are better at loving than smartphones.

It's an ad for DTAC, which is the second largest cellphone operator in Thailand. So, points for them:

They are not the first cellphone provider to make a go at manipulating our emotions — though they are the first one to do so in a way that at least somewhat relates to the product they are trying to sell.

Remember the noodle seller whose unsolicited kindness paid off 30 years later? We sure do:

Collectively, these cellphone ads mark a departure from the genre of Thai life insurance ads that have so thoroughly drained our tear ducts in years past.

Tell me you saw "Unsung Hero" and felt nothing.

Or the one about the mother of every sad child.

And the one with the mute dad is just. I can't.