Germany just slaughtered Brazil in the World Cup semifinals




Tasso Marcelo

Update: In what's already been pronounced the most shocking World Cup match ever, Brazil just lost its place in the 2014 finals in a crushing 7-1 defeat by Germany.

Here's a sense of how terrible Brazilians feel right now:






The announcer says we'll never see a World Cup game like this again. Five goals scored against host country Brazil in the first 29 minutes, Germany making history from the first to the last. Way before the half Brazil looked like they'd already given up.

The fans are devastated. Seriously, children are crying.


Children are sobbing.

It's tragic.


Could Brazil pull it together in the second half? Shaheen the World Cup Camel once believed in them, and he's got ... okay odds.

Watch this space for news of a comeback story. Or of crushing, crushing defeat.

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