Watch the UK's finance minister shamelessly dodge a basic math question asked by a 7-year-old boy

Whoaaaa there, Mr. Chancellor. You're not fooling anyone with this dodge.

George Osborne, the UK's Chancellor of the Exchequer — a position that other nations call the Minister of Finance or the Secretary of the Treasury — was fielding questions from a panel of children on Sky News when 7-year-old Sam Raddings, with a rascally twinkle in his eye, turned up the heat.

After Osborne had bragged about his math skills — "I did maths A-level so I have been tested at school" — Sam gave the chancellor an opportunity to put his money where his mouth was by solving a very simple math problem.

"What's 7 times 8?" he asked.

Osborne proved an inartful dodger with his fumbling response.


Sure, answering on-the-spot questions about multiplication tables is a tough task for any person over the age of 13. But really, Osborne should have done better than this.

Did Sam know the answer?

You bet he did.


Sam Raddings: speaking truth to power since age 7.