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A bunch of Zimbabwean MPs spent all their money shopping in China and now they can't leave


Zimbabwe's parliament.



Twenty-seven Zimbabwean legislators made a trip to Beijing to promote their "Look East" campaign.

When they got there, a few of them decided to look south instead.

A group reportedly got overwhelmed in the Chinese capital and opted to fly south to Guangdong province. They heard the prices were lower there, and they wanted to go shopping.

The MPs were reportedly advised against doing so, since Guangdong is relatively far from Beijing and also because they didn't have tons of money. 

They did not heed this advice, but they should have because once they got there, they spent all their money and now they are stranded in Guangdong.

Moreover, the group as a whole missed their flight back home to Harare from Beijing. The next one isn't until July 10.

Meanwhile, back in Zimbabwe, parliament resumed this week. With 27 people missing.

H/T Shanghaiist