These are the songs played on The World for Friday, June 27, 2014:

    SONG: Hulusination
    ARTIST: Söndörgö
    CD TITLE: Tamburocket Hungarian Fireworks
    CD LABEL: Riverboat Records


    SONG: Mundau by Night
    ARTIST: Uri Sharlin and the Dogcat Ensemble
    CD TITLE: Back to the Woods
    CD LABEL: Naxos


    SONG: El Mougelmen
    ARTIST: Noura Mint Seymali
    CD TITLE: Tzenni
    CD LABEL: Glitter Beat


    SONG: Rachid Ouitguini
    ARTIST: Toumani & Sidike
    CD TITLE: Toumani & Sidike
    CD LABEL: World Circuit


    SONG: Surf Spaghetti
    ARTIST: B11
    CD TITLE: B11
    CD LABEL: B11

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