Isidoro - "Izzy" - our World Cup predicting ocelot, may have chosen poorly his first go round, Ghana did not prevail over the US.

But, Izzy reminded me he did sniff at the US first.

This time round he's pretty confident he's making the right choice. Sunday the US will go up against Portugal.

Will the US team be a match for the Portugal's super star player, Cristiano Ronaldo? Izzy thinks so. 

After taking a bite of the Portugal bamboo bush, the psychic ocelot went straight for the USA and chowed down. I mean, he really went to town. 

After gnawing on the USA's bamboo for about 20 minutes, it was clear he had made his choice.

Portugal may start out strong but get ready folks for a US onslaught. That's what the ocelot says.

And he's composed a little poem for his pick:


Izzy believes...

Izzy believes that the US will win.

Follow Izzy throughout the game on Sunday. He'll be tweeting his thoughts (He's got very dexterious paws) @IzzyPicks.


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