Isidoro the Ocelot chooses Ghana

You know, I wanted to pick Team USA, but Team Ghana just seemed so much more likely. How can you be mad at me? I'm so cute.


Christina Demetrio, Franklin Park Zoo

On Monday, we introduced you to Isidoro the ocelot, who will be predicting the US team games during the World Cup. Today, we're announcing his first pick for Team USA's first game, versus Ghana. 

And he chose... Ghana.

Isidoro made his decision at the Franklin Park Zoo in Massachusetts, where he lives in the Tropical Rainforest with his mate PJ. The choice was made between two different bunches of bamboo plants. After Izzy was released into his pen, he walked straight up to Team USA's plant, sniffed around — and continued on to Team Ghana. After munching on Team Ghana for a bit, it was clear — he picked The Black Stars over the Stars and Stripes.

Izzy's pick is a bold move, considering his home in Massachusetts. But he might be onto something: In the two teams' last meeting in 2010, Ghana prevailed over USA, 2 to 1.

We'll find out if he's right on Monday at 6 p.m. EST. 

Izzy, of course, will be tweeting during the match, defending his pick. Follow him at @IzzyPicks.

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