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China's 'thong condom' is one step closer to reality

"Thong condom." "Multifunctional g-string." "Eros protector."

Call it what you will, what it is is hard to deny.

The brainchild of Kong Yongxiang, a student at South Medical University in Guangzhou, this g-string condom contraption covers more of the male body than your average condom.

As a result, it is intended to prevent "semen leaks" and other unpleasantries, according to Xinhua.

Yongxiang dreamt up her "Eros Protector" last November, but this month the project won $300,000 in backing from Guangdong Yuezheng Investment Management Limited. Because more people than just her think this is a great idea.

Its stated purpose is, of course, a good one: to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. But it's hard not to read more into it.

I mean, in a culture where talk of sex is largely taboo, here are underpants that let you have sex while reducing contact to a bare minimum.

The contraption comes with a pouch that dispenses condoms which then screw into place at the front the thong.  

Oh and also the condoms come with a "Chinese herbal blend lubricant that helps to maintain the pH balance of a woman’s private parts." Thank you, Rocket News.

By the way, the caption on the above photo reads: "1. G-String part, 2. Condom part, 3. Vertical streaks, 4. Anti-skidding microcapsules, 5. Sacs, 6. Elastics."

In case any of that was unclear.