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Watch sheep play soccer at the Sheep World Cup 2014

Sure, you could watch humans kick a ball around. That sounds fun, I guess. But why look on while people squander the use of their opposable thumbs, when you could watch dressed-up sheep kick a ball around a field instead? (With, of course, some encouragement from their handlers, since sheep are not naturally motivated by competitiveness or lucrative endorsement deals.)

That’s why folks in Nobsa, Colombia dressed sheep in the colors of the Colombian and Brazilian soccer teams and had them duke it out in advance of the countries’ World Cup soccer match. Well, that, and it was also Poncho Day, a day when craftsmen celebrate the local artisan tradition of handmade wool ponchos, so sheep were already the guests of honor. And what better way to treat your guests of honor than making them play sports they don’t understand while wearing ill-fitting pants?

For more coverage of this important international sporting event, see this video by Metro UK: