The top of a 34,76 meter high tower of Lego in front of the St Stephen's Basilica in Budapest.

Lego maniacs, rejoice!

School kids in Hungary have just smashed the world record for the tallest Lego tower, crafting a 114-foot-tall pillar in Budapest using hundreds of thousands of the interlocking plastic bricks.


Guinness World Records verified the feat after its completion on Sunday.

The multi-colored tower sits in front of Budpest's St. Stephen's Basilica.

It features a profile of Pac-Man on the side.


And is even topped by a Rubik's cube, a Hungarian invention.


City workers helped install the creation over a five-day period.








The previous record holder was this 34.4-meter structure built last year with the help of school kids in Delaware.

Here's video of the Hungarian feat.

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