Moscow might be the unfriendliest city on the planet


In Moscow, even the weather is unfriendly.


Mark Kolbe

Is Moscow that bad?

A recent survey suggests the Russian capital is full of mean people, crappy hotels and the unfriendliest taxi drivers on the planet.

Travel website TripAdvisor questioned more than 54,000 travelers on their views of 37 major tourist cities in the world and Moscow ranked at or near the bottom in all 16 categories.

From the helpfulness of locals and friendliness of taxi drivers to the quality of hotels and value for money, Moscow was the worst. Beijing, Punta Cana, Mumbai and Marrakech weren’t much better.

The Chinese capital was the second worst city for helpfulness of locals and friendliness of its taxi drivers. It also scored poorly for shopping and nightlife.

Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic was at the bottom of the heap for solo travelers, shopping and restaurants, while Mumbai ranked as the hardest city to get around and the one with the dirtiest streets.

Marrakech is the worst for public transport, nightlife and family friendliness.

Tokyo, however, received high marks across all categories.

The Japanese capital was No. 1 for overall experience, friendliness of locals, taxi service, cleanliness of streets and public transportation.

Here's a snapshot of the worst performers, and some of the best so you can compare.


Unfriendliest locals: Moscow



Worst taxi service: Moscow



Least family friendly: Marrakech



Worst attractions: Punta Cana



Worst overall experience: Mumbai



The following cities got positive reviews from tourists. 


Friendliest taxi drivers: Dubrovnik



Best nightlife: New York City



Cleanest streets: Tokyo 



Best shopping: Dubai



Easiest city to get around: Vienna