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Happy World Goth Day! Here are goths from around the world



Gioia de Antoniis

Greetings, brothers and sisters in darkness! Did you know World Goth Day was a thing? It must be official, because they have a website that clearly came from the heyday of goth culture (1987). Today, and every May 22, is “a day where the goth scene gets to celebrate its own being, and an opportunity to make its presence known to the rest of the world.” So strap on your corset (put your boots on FIRST), cue up “This Corrosion,” and enjoy these photos of folks worldwide who are keeping the black flame alive.



(Photo by Yuliya Libkina/Flickr)

Goths aren't only sad — they're also supportive! You can totally hug, just DON'T SMILE.



(Photo by banjo_boy/Flickr)

They already know their boots are nice. Don’t bother telling them.



(Photo by azarius/Flickr)

A proper goth is much possessed by death, and sees the skull beneath the skin, but doesn’t have to because he or she keeps one on the shelf.


South Africa

(Photo by Christoph Lenz/Flickr)

More metalheads than goths, really. They look like they might stomp me for calling them goths.



(Photo by Gioia de Antoniis/Flickr)

A canonical goth. The only way this could be better if she were leaning on a tombstone.



(Photo by Andrew Ferguson/Flickr)

The line between goth and Burning Man attendee is sometimes very, very fine these days.



(Photo by Geekly/Flickr)

This girl is actually cosplaying the bassist of Dir en Grey, but it’s a pretty exemplary goth look.



(Photo by Anette K/Flickr)

Occasionally Swedes go outside the black-metal playbook.



(Photo by Debbie Ding/Flickr)

These goths look suspiciously happy. Tone it down, goths.



(Photo by David Meagher/Flickr)

Contrary to popular opinion, goths are allowed to wear white and even colors. It’s just important that you confine the colors mainly to your hair, and look as much as possible like you could either die or kill at any minute.

Now you know how to emulate the look. If you’re feeling inspired, here’s how to get the moves: