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The Democratic People's Republic of Korea commands you to know about a new video game!

At last you too can "destroy the capitalist swine," just like Kim Jong Un.

A new retro video game, called "Glorious Leader!" which is due out by the end of the year, allows you to run around like a little Kim Jong Un, shooting at US paratroopers and setting fire to American flags.

You also get to disappear into the floor of a basketball court with an avatar of Dennis Rodman.

Check it out:

Jeff Miller, CEO of Moneyhorse Games, which created the game, told the Guardian that he "wanted to find a new way to tell the country's story, and to get people across the world talking about the secretive nation."

OK cool, I'd like to talk about what I learned from the unicorn you get to ride that appears to have a tail made of fire.

No, seriously. Will there be a level where you get to pocket money from the government coffers and then spend it on sushi while the rest of the country starves?

Among the criticisms of Glorious Leader! is that it trivializes the brutality of the North Korean regime. Perhaps, but there are also other avenues by which to explore the country in earnest.  

This is just a game. Here are some more stills:

Glorious Leader! isn't even the first video game about North Korea. Koryo Tours, a British-owned travel agency that books trips to North Korea, commissioned a game called "Pyongyang Racer" back in 2012.

In it, you get to drive the near-empty streets of Pyongyang, collecting fuel while trying to avoid the random and inconveniently placed parked car. 

You can honk your horn, and occasionally a cute traffic girl wags her finger at you. But that's about it.

By contrast, Glorious Leader! is more weird and less depressing. Bring it on.