We’ve been very excited about the mixes that some of our favorite DJs and musicians are sending our way for the Afropop Worldwide Exclusive Mix series. Last month, Teleseen hit us up with a mix of some Brazilian electronic music that had been catching his attention of late. And this week? We are highly excited to debut a new mix from Funk Na Caixa. Funk Na Caixa, a record label that also has its home in Brazil, has been on our radar for quite a while as one of the best purveyors of funk carioca (baile funk)’s  many offshoots– neo funk and rasterinha among them. The mix they made for Afropop provides us with an even more extensive overview of rasterinha’s many joys. The genre, which has its foundation in  funk carioca’s  electronic dance sound, incorporates other far-ranging influences, such as samba, ragga funk and Afro-Brazilian rhythms. Below, you can read an introduction to the mix from Funk Na Caixa’s Renato M2:

“Hi, here is Renato M2 from Funk na Caixa. I recorded this mixtape for friends of Afropop Worldwide to show them more about rasterinha, the new trend in baile funk culture. In this mixtape I played two tracks from Vol. 2 of our Rasterinha EP –it’s out now, and has 12 tracks–and another exclusive track from our friend Munchi. He doesn’t know when he will release it, but to give you a taste of it, I played an exclusive!”

“I hope you enjoy this mixtape. There is a moment of chill and there is a moment to dance.


1. Rumba – God Wonder
2. Para essa Bunda – Metatabanna
3. GodWonder – Toma Rasterinha
4. Comrade e Mala Noche – Gangasterinha
5. Bumps – Bata na Buzina
6. Aquecimento RaggaFunk – Dj Marquinhos
7. 5MC DG SP – Deixa o bumbum balançar
8. Mc Japa – Perereca Suicida
9. Mc Romântico – As novinhas Sensacional (asshake remix)
10. Mc Bima – Bumbum Mexer (dj RD da NH e André BPM)
11. ???????????????
12. Vai no Chão – Dj Kin
13. Coe Neguinho – Dj Edgar vs Marcelo D2