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South Koreans mistake part of a port-o-potty door for a North Korean drone


Crashed drone or port-o-potty door? This one is actually a drone found on April 6, 2014, in Samcheok, South Korea.


South Korean Defense Ministry

This is what happens when you scare the dickens out of an entire population. They start seeing drones everywhere.

After three drones crashed on South Korean soil in late March and April, some 82 civilians have reported "drone discoveries" of their own — none of which have turned out to be true. 

But this one takes the cake. 

On Wednesday, a hiker was walking on Mount Cheonggye in the town of Gwacheon (just south of Seoul), when he spotted what he thought was part of a crashed drone. 

Given its rough appearance, and the fact that it was a similar sky blue color to the ones found in late March and April for which the South says the North is responsible — the military took the hiker's tip to heart.


"Investigation by the military confirmed the object as part of a broken door made of plastic materials. It is light and easy to fly," an officer told Yonhap.

It was part of a port-o-potty door. Easy mistake to ma- wait- what's that?