Music heard on the air for May 15, 2014

The tunes played between segments on The World for May 15, 2014 include:

Spy from Cairo    SONG: Latif
    ARTIST: The Spy from Cairo
    CD TITLE: Arabadub
    CD LABEL: Wonderwheel Recordings


Reggae Nacional    SONG: De Donde Vengo Yo (unreleased instrumental)

    ARTIST: Choc Quib Town
    CD TITLE: Reggae Nacional
    CD LABEL: Nacional Records

Akal Warled    SONG: Taliat Ta Malat
    ARTIST: Imarhan Timbuktu
    CD TITLE: Akal Warled
    CD LABEL: Clermont Music


William OnyeaborSONG: Atomic Bomb
ARTIST: William Onyeabor
CD TITLE: Who is William Onyeabor
CD LABEL: Luaka Bop


And here's the late Andre the Giant's WWE Theme song. It goes with our story about a new graphic novel about this professional wrestler from France.

Megadeath    SONG: Angry Again
    ARTIST: Megadeath
    CD TITLE: Greatest Hits - Back to the Start
    CD LABEL: Capitol