The tunes played between segment on The World for May 13, 2014 include:

    SONG: Baniyi (My Son)
    ARTIST: Hassan Hakmoun
    CD TITLE: Unity
    CD LABEL: Real World


    SONG: Ogardanou
    ARTIST: René Lacaille
    CD TITLE: Riverboat Records - Music From The Source
    CD LABEL: Riverboat Records

    SONG: Free Walk
    ARTIST: Melt Yourself Down
    CD TITLE: Melt Yourself Down
    CD LABEL: Leaf


    SONG: Sunrise
    ARTIST: Dave Sharp's Secret 7
    CD TITLE: Worlds
    CD LABEL: Vortex Jazz Recording


    SONG: Waldomiro Pena
    ARTIST: BossaCucaNova
    CD TITLE: Our Kind of Bossa
    CD LABEL: Six Degrees


And closing out the show was this brief selection from the Alien soundtrack.
We played it in honor of H.R. Giger who created the Xenomorph alien in Ridley Scott's sci-fi horror classic. The Swiss designer died Tuesday at the age of 74.

    SONG: Hyper Sleep
    ARTIST: Jeffery Goldsmith
    CD TITLE: Alien Soundtrack
    CD LABEL: Intrada

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