Day 1,146: That truce in Homs is totally happening — sometime

Today is Day 1,146 of the Syria conflict.

It's not clear when that "truce" for the city of Homs, i.e. negotiated rebel surrender (the rebels do get to leave, though), will actually take effect. The latest update on the delays comes from the provincial governor. "The conditions are helpful and the atmosphere is suitable for achieving positive steps toward resettlement and reconciliation and exit of the armed groups, but we have not set a date yet," governor Talal Barazi repportedly told Al Manar television. Al Manar, as Reuters points out, is run by the Lebanese-based group Hezbollah, an ally of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad. "The next few days will witness, God willing, steps like this, and we hope there will be a date soon."

Empty, reassuring PR-speak knows no borders. 

In other news, a roadside bomb today near Busra al-Sham reportedly killed an Al Qaeda leader and his wife, which doesn't bode well for rebel infighting. Not just moderate rebels and jihadists, but even different jihadist groups, have struggled with each other to dominate the opposition in Syria, in addition to fighting against Assad.

Eight died in government bombardment of the town Taybat al-Imam today, in addition to five killed by rebel shells in Aleppo and at least 10 fighters killed in Aleppo in regime-rebel clashes.

The conflict continues.