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Watch this depressed panda feel better after getting her own TV




John Thys

What do you do after a breakup? Get sad? Loll around? Watch TV?

This panda in Kunming, China, did all three, but it was the television that finally got her back up and snacking.

A few weeks ago, Sija's companion was taken to another zoo. It didn't take long for Sija to start acting strange.

She ignored her caregivers, and wouldn't swing on her swing. She wasn't eating very much. She wouldn't even touch the rolls. The rolls had been her favorite.

Her caregivers gave her a flatscreen TV and started showing her video of her and her former playmate. That seemed to do the trick. 

Pandas, it seems, get a lot from TV.

When Kelin, a female panda at China’s panda breeding and research center, refused the amorous advances of a male companion last year, researchers showed her a video of two pandas mating in the wild — aka panda porn.

After watching the footage “there was no stopping her,” a spokesman said. 

Pandas are notoriously poor breeders. Females are fertile for just three days a year and lose interest in sex once they are in captivity.

But “when the video was over, Kelin seemed to know the drill, and mated successfully with Yongyong,” the China News Service reported. 

“An hour later they even tried a second time.”