The tunes played between segments on The World for May 5, 2014 include:

    SONG: Tanuki Attack
    ARTIST: Casey Driessen
    CD TITLE: The S1ngularity
    CD LABEL: Red Shoe Records


    SONG: Sunrise
    ARTIST: Dave Sharp's Secret 7
    CD TITLE: Worlds
    CD LABEL: Vortex Jazz Recording


    SONG: Argitikos Kalamatianos
    ARTIST: She'Koyokh
    CD TITLE: Wild Goats and Unmarried Women
    CD LABEL: Riverboat Records


And for Cinco de Mayo we offer this festive track by Flaco & Max:

    SONG: Fiesta Alegra (Joyful Fiesta)
    ARTIST: Flaco & Max
    CD TITLE: Legends & Legacies
    CD LABEL: Smithsonian Folkways

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