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Map: Louie's New York City

Louie has one of the most understated opening credits sequences in television, but it packs a real punch. We see our hero exiting the West 4th Street subway station and grabbing a slice in Greenwich Village before descending into the Comedy Cellar for a set. It's economical yet screams New York City. A passerby even flips the camera the bird while Louie scarfs down his pizza.

Louis C.K. puts a lot of himself into his Peabody Award-winning comedy, which starts its fourth season tonight. He writes, produces, directs, and sometimes edits the show. And its plot is largely basedon his own experience as a divorced comedian raising two daughters in the city.

There are certain absurdities and indignities to life in New York, and the show makes the most of them.Fromasubway platform on which a violinist performs next to a showering homeless man, to a date at the iconic lox palaceRuss & Daughters, to nearly getting David Letterman's job last season, it's clear that Louie wouldn't beLouie without New York City.

We're teaming up with our pals at The Guardianand we need you to help us map where to find Louie by telling us a location you've seen in the series. (And if you happen to see a place where they're filming, tell us that too). Let us know the hangout and any details about the scene and episode in the comments below or via Twitter with the hashtag#MapLouie.

Here's what we've got so far:

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