Music heard on the air for May 2, 2014

These are some of the tunes played between segments on The World for May 2, 2014:

Afrolicious     SONG: Pleasure Power (Instrumental Version)
    ARTIST: Afrolicious
    CD TITLE: Pleasure Power EP
    CD LABEL: Afrolicious Music


Cuarto Poder    SONG: Solo Tu Tienes La Llave (unreleased instrumental)
    ARTIST: Cuarto Poder
    CD TITLE: In Tha House
    CD LABEL: Nacional Records


Hassan Hakmoun    SONG: Moulay Ahmed (Saint Ahmed)
    ARTIST: Hassan Hakmoun
    CD TITLE: Unity
    CD LABEL: Real World


Birth of Jungle Cumbia    SONG: La Danza Del Yacuruna
    ARTIST: Juanesco y su Combo
    CD TITLE: The Birth of Jungle Cumbia
    CD LABEL: The Vital Record