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In this awesome competition, Japanese sumo wrestlers try to make babies cry


Two babies cry as they are held by student sumo wrestlers during Nakizumo in Tokyo on April 26, 2014.

So this happened in Japan over the weekend: a baby crying competition.

Nakizumo, which literally translates as "crying baby sumo," is held throughout the country every year and involves student sumo wrestlers trying to make babies cry like, well, babies.

Before you ask, the sumo wrestlers don't use physical force to make the infants wail. Funny noises and scary masks usually do the trick.

Japanese traditionally believe that crying will bring the baby good health while the sound of their screams will scare off demons. 

The winner is decided by whoever cries first — or loudest. 


Here two babies face-off inside the arena.  



Some babies need a little encouragement.



This could be a draw.



Here we have a winner.