When in Rome, do as the Romans do: drink two bottles of wine and eat a porchetta sandwich. You definitely don't want to feel like a tourist when you're totally sloshed, so Buzzfeed has compiled the top drunk foods from around the world for you:

If you're too hammered and hungry to sit through the video, here's a list:

  • US: Pepperoni pizza
  • China: Chuan'r (barbecue skewers)
  • Canada: Poutine
  • Mexico: Tacos
  • Brazil: Acarajé 
  • Ireland: Champ
  • Turkey: Doner kebab
  • Italy: Porchetta sandwich
  • Iran: Persian pizza
  • Japan: Ramen
  • Germany: Currywurst and fries
  • Czech Republic: Smažený sýr
  • England: Chips and cheese

Check out the video for details, including basic instructions on how to make these foods (and what the heck some of them are), and then go out drinking. And tomorrow morning, match up whatever country you wake up in to its most popular hangover food with this handy chart:

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