The tunes played between segments on The World for April 24, 2014 include:

    SONG: Indospaniola
    ARTIST: Debashish Bhattacharya
    CD TITLE: Riverboat Records - Music From The Source
    CD LABEL: Riverboat Records

    SONG: Pour Jacob
    ARTIST: Vishtèn
    CD TITLE: Mosaïk
    CD LABEL: Vishten Music


    SONG: Good Times
    ARTIST: Chic
    CD TITLE: Dance, Dance, Dance - The Best of Chic
    CD LABEL: Atlantic


    SONG: Pony Ride
    ARTIST: Neil Finn
    CD TITLE: Dizzy Heights
    CD LABEL: Lester Records


    SONG: Free Walk
    ARTIST: Melt Yourself Down
    CD TITLE: Melt Yourself Down
    CD LABEL: Leaf


    SONG: Aguardiente Y Pollo
    ARTIST: Nelson Y Sus Estrellas
    CD TITLE: The Rough Guide to Latin Rare Groove Volume 1
    CD LABEL: World Music Network


    SONG: Seudah
    ARTIST: Dhafer Youssef
    CD TITLE: Birds Requiem
    CD LABEL: O'Keh

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