As part of our ongoing Afropop Worldwide Exclusive Mix series, we asked DJ, producer, engineer and multi-instrumentalist Gabriel Cyr, AKA Teleseen, to make a mix of whatever he was currently excited about, which is mostly Brazilian electronic music, and the music it informs. Cyr is an American who has been involved in Brazilian music for years, and his commitment prompted his move to Rio de Janeiro earlier this year. Cyr has three albums out as Teleseen (War, Fear of the Forest, Passages on various labels, including his own, Perceptsand a new album, Anamorph, coming out soon on Feel Up Records. As well as making his own music, he is currently producing and engineering various artists in Brazil. Here’s the word on Teleseen’s Afropop Woldwide Exclusive Mix “Tropical Half-Truths,” whose title is a play on Caetano Veloso’s book Verdade Tropical. According to Teleseen, the idea is to point to the non-essentialist nature of world music or tropical music. We hear that!

“This mix is a 15-track trip though my perspective on some of the things currently happening in electronic music in Brazil, and some of the influences emanating out from here to other countries, through some of my own work and the work of friends.”

“Starting out with a tune from Salvador’s ragga/dancehall group Bembe Trio, remixed by Queens’ Kiddid, we move quickly to Rio with a Rasterinha tune from São Paulo transplant Omulu. Rasterinha is the new trend coming out of baile funk that has been gaining popularity here in Rio. The tempo is slowed down considerably (from 130 bpm to about 95 bpm), the beat pattern is different from the usual tamborzão beat and the feeling is more like ragga. Coming fast on the heels of that is an actual ragga remix by Mexico City’s Frikstailers of Rio’s own Maga Bo, with BNegao on vocal duties. Both Maga Bo and BNegao are figures that stand between various scenes here in Brazil, uniting ragga/dancehall, funk, global bass and the deeper roots of Afro-Brazilian music in general. Following that is my remix of São Paulo’s tropical indie group Holger, who appeared in Afropop Worldwide’s 2012 show “The Soul of São Paolo.”

Moving up in tempo we get two tracks from Rio’s experimental techno label 40% Foda/Manerissimo (loosely translated, it’s 40% Cool/Awesome). These guys specialize in deep, hazy house and techno, and they share a love of ’70s and ’80s Brazilian disco with São Paulo’s Selvagem crew, whose edit of Fernanda Abreu’s “A Noite” follows. Up next is a new tune of mine, coming out next month on Feel Up Records, remixed by Lisbon’s Niagra from the Principe Discos label. After that we head back to São Paulo for a house edit of Caetano from Embolex, and an original tune from Club Soda. Finishing things off is a track from Curitiba’s Karol Conka’s new album, Caxumbu.”


1. Melo Do Vatapa – Bemba Trio (Kiddid Remix)

2. Padrão – Omulo

3. “Tempos Insanos” feat. BNegão (Frikstallers Remix) – Maga Bo

4. “Calango” – Fudisterik

5. “Pedro” (Teleseen Remix) – Holger

6. “É da Nossa Cor” (Sterotyp Remix) – Maga Bo

7. “Ladeira” (DJ Kaska remix)

8. “Peço Desculpas Por Não Ter Ido a Sua Festa de Aniversario” – Pessoas Que Eu Conhece

9. “Quinta Miragem” – Principe de Montreal

10. “A Noite(Selvagem Edit)” – Fernanda Abreu

11. “Anamorph” (Niagra Remix) – Teleseen

12. “Ile Aye” (Embolex Edit) – Caetano Veloso

13. “Boogaloo” – Club Soda

14. “O Tambor” (Criolina Remix)

15. “Caxambu” – Koral Conka