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Watch Palestinian youths dance to the Gaza version of 'Happy' (VIDEO)



Gangnam Style

People all over the world have shared videos of themselves dancing to “Happy,” the effervescent hit by Pharrell Williams.

In March, GlobalPost counted at least 800 versions in 94 countries and the number has only gone up.

At its core, the song celebrates a shared human capacity for joy.

The four-minute format acts as a sort of blueprint which people fill in with their own bodies, dance moves and background landscapes. Together the videos provide a fascinating glimpse of people's ordinary lives around the globe.   

Williams has even partnered with the United Nations Foundation to promote International Day of Happiness on March 20 — creating a supercut of his favorite videos, which you can watch here.

Check out the latest version of "Happy," edited by Anas Hamra of Red Media Production, which features Palestinian youths dancing in Gaza.