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The UK really needs to calm down about snails


A snail is pictured at the "Snail Garden" farm in Krasin, northern Poland, on May 29, 2013.



Snails are getting no love in the UK.

A new survey found that one in five gardeners have resorted to tossing the slimy mollusks into their neighbors' yards to get rid of them.

That's right. Just chucking them. Like weeds or dead leaves or last winter's dog poo.

Apparently, snails are a big deal there.

The mollusks and their slug counterparts were named the top garden pest by members of the Royal Horticultural Society last year.

British researchers even used money to track their "secret" nocturnal activities in 2013.

Gardeners say snails are a nuisance because they eat holes in the leaves, stems and flowers of many plants.

And their numbers are on the rise in recent years.

But, really? Can't we all just get along? Snails can be cute, after all.

Here's one blowing kisses at you:


This one likes to eat from a spoon.


And this one is capable of eating a fish three times its size!

OK, sorry. That last one was super creepy.

But overall, snails aren't that bad — certainly not deserving of a toss over a fence like a common criminal.