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This Norwegian reality show is like nothing you've ever seen


Piip show, a Norwegian reality TV show starring wild birds and the occasional squirrel.

OK, we've already proven that Norwegian TV is awesome and innovative.

Turns out it's also adorable.

Since last month, Norwegian public broadcaster NRK has been airing a reality show starring wild birds and the occasional squirrel

The show is set in a model coffee shop that doubles as a bird feeder, like above.

The show is called "Piip Show" and will run through the end of June. 

"Meerkat Manor," you've got competition from a small cast of birds including a nuthatch, a blue tit, a great tit and a bullfinch.

Here's a clip to give you an idea:

And here's the livestream. 24/7 birdies! 

Photographer Magne Klann, an avid bird watcher, came up with the idea in 2003. He told The Local, a Norwegian news outlet, that the joy is just in watching birds be birds.

"This is kind of a reality show with wild birds, so we are not able to do anything to make them act the way we want them to act," he said.

"We just have to anticipate what they will do. That’s a big part of the idea and that’s a big part of what fascinates people."

Part of the idea was also to give people something that lent itself to social media chatter. Viewers have been sharing their own shots and comments online with the hashtag #nrkpiip. 

Crown Princess Mette-Marit counts herself among the show's biggest fans:

Similar to NRK's "Slow TV" phenomenon, which has so far included a seven-hour train ride and 18 hours of salmon fishing, "Piip Show" allows viewers to take a break from media madness. Just tune in, sit back and let the birds do the rest. 

Apparently it's a big hit in nursing homes.

Here are some more stills from their Instagram feed: