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Watch this extreme skydiver break a world record by landing a 14,000-foot jump using the world's smallest parachute


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Brendon Thorne

Ernesto Gainza, a professional skydiver from Venezuela, is a certified badass.

On April 5, he jumped out of a plane from 14,000 feet above Dubai wearing the smallest parachute in the world. Not only did he survive, he looked smoother in his landing than most of us look when stepping off an escalator.

Measuring just 35 square feet, the parachute was barely larger than a queen-sized mattress and significantly smaller than your average parachute, which is about 120 square feet.

Gainza's successful jump broke the previous Guinness World Record for successful jump with the smallest parachute, which Luigi Cani set in February 2008 when he jumped with a 37-square-foot chute.

Gainza needed to drop weight to make the jump safely. Ordinarily 128 pounds, he needed to stay at 114. For 12 months prior to the record attempt, he followed a tough regimen of exercise and diet.

His next "project" will be more "normal," he told Gulf News: he plans to have a baby.

Watch this daredevil at work: