Day 1,114: The Armenian community is officially angry about Syria

Today is Day 1,114 of the Syria conflict, and the new protests to watch are coming from the Armenian community, worldwide.

You may recall that, nearly two weeks ago, Syrian rebels took the Armenian town of Kasab in northern Syria, very close to the Turkish border. You may recall that Kasab was one of the only Armenian towns in the area to survive the genocide that occurred under the Ottoman Empire in World War I. And you may also recall that, last weekend, Kim Kardashian offered some hint of the storm to come when she waded into all of this on Twitter.

The Armenian community says Turkey made the attack on Kasab possible — that the Syrian rebels who took Kasab came from Turkey over the border, "openly passing through a Turkish military base" on the way. Given that Armenians hold Turks responsible for the Armenian genocide (which Turkey says never happened, at least not the way Armenia describes it — in Turkey it's a crime even to bring up the Armenian genocide), there's a lot of painful history caught up in this latest news event. Hundreds of Armenians protested outside the Turkish embassy in Toronto yesterday, and the Armenian community in Massachusetts will be protesting outside the Tip O'Neill Federal Building today "to protest the State Department's failure to condemn the perpetrators of the invasion."

In other news:

- Rebel shelling of Damascus killed six children yesterday.

- The Kuwaiti minister the US Treasure under secretary David Cohen accused of "promoting jihad in Syria" (backstory here) has quit his post.

- BuzzFeed's Middle East correspondent has posted a remarkable story about a "late-night phone call between one of Syria's top extremists and his sworn enemy."