OK ladies, it's official: Putin is single


Russian President Vladimir Putin carries a hunting rifle in the Republic of Tuva, Aug. 15, 2007.


Dmitry Astakhov

Oh ladieeeeeeeees...

The most interesting man in the world is now officially single.

Yes, the Kremlin on Wednesday confirmed that Russian President Vladimir Putin's divorce from his wife of 30 years, Lyudmila, has been finalized.

Please. Contain yourselves.

The country's most-recognizable couple went on TV to announce their split in June.

As of Wednesday, Lyudmila's name had been removed from Putin's official biography on the Kremlin website. Where it once stated he was married, it now simply lists the couple's two daughters, Maria and Katerina.

As Russia's most-eligible bachelor, we're sure Putin will have little trouble finding a new special lady friend. He's got qualities other than just his bulging pectorals.

He loves animals, like a lot!

(Alexsey Druginyn AFP/Getty Images)


He's a fisherman

(Alexey Druzhinin AFP/Getty Images)


He's BFFs with Steven Seagal.

(Alexey Nikolsky AFP/Getty Images)


And has lots of cool gadgets at his disposal.

(Alexey Nikolsky AFP/Getty Images)


He is strong like bull.

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But really, he's a big softie on the inside, tearing up here after winning yet another election. Awww....


Of course this is assuming you are okay with the fact that he discriminates against gay people and is into that whole totalitarian thing. Also, don't mention the words "Pussy Riot" or "Mikhail Kosenko." Or "Barack Obama." Like, ever.