Music heard on the air for March 31, 2014

Tunes played between segments on The World for March 31, 2014 include:

Riverboat Records   SONG: Sans Adresse
   ARTIST: Ramzi Aburedwan
   CD TITLE: Riverboat Records - Music From The Source
   CD LABEL: Riverboat Records


Boris Kovac   SONG: Fly By…
   ARTIST: Boris Kovač & La Campanella
   CD TITLE: Eastern Moon Rising
   CD LABEL: Riverboat Records/World Music Network


Hassan Hakmoun   SONG: Baniyi (My Son)
   ARTIST: Hassan Hakmoun
   CD TITLE: Unity
   CD LABEL: Real World


Birth of Jungle Cumbia   SONG: La Danza Del Yacuruna
   ARTIST: Juanesco y su Combo
   CD TITLE: The Birth of Jungle Cumbia
   CD LABEL: The Vital Record