There are more than 800 versions of Pharrell Williams' 'Happy' from 94 different countries


Scene from the 'Juárez is Happy' video.

Pharrell Williams' latest single is everywhere. And we do mean everywhere. From Abidjan to Zagreb, Toronto to Tokyo, Sao Paolo to Shanghai, fans have been taking the behatted one up on his invitation to clap along to the impossibly infectious 'Happy.' 

The song has already provided the theme tune to a United Nations-sponsored International Day of Happiness on March 20. It has inspired uplifting tribute videos from the typhoon-ravaged Philippines and politically charged sing-alongs from post-revolution Tunisia. 

But mainly? Mainly it's just got people dancing. So many lip-sync videos have now been created — more than 800 from 94 different countries, according to one count — that a special website has been created just to collect them all. 

We Are Happy From... features an interactive map that lets you browse videos by location. (Who knew Poland was so Happy? Or Morocco?) The site was created by two people in the west of France, who run it voluntarily out of the simple desire to "display happiness around the world."

Here, via 10 of our favorites, is what that looks like. 


Yakutia, Russia

Happy at -58 degrees Fahrenheit? Respect.


Cuidad Juarez, Mexico

Feat. what looks like the armed forces, the emergency services, and a giraffe.



Well... you would be, wouldn't you?


Berlin, Germany

This epic 12-minute version is worth it for the mildly alarmed Germans caught in the background alone.


Seoul, South Korea

Over to the professionals. This one features a handful of K-Pop stars and a very committed Pharrell impersonator.



Hold tight for the remix. Senegalese rapper Xuman remakes Pharrell's lyrics in the Wolof language.


Amman, Yordan

Who can resist the two elderly gents at 0:35? WHO? 


Split, Croatia

Does this make anyone else want to move to Croatia immediately?


Kampot, Cambodia

This delightful version comes courtesy of an inclusive arts group for people with disabilities.


St Jude's School, Arusha, Tanzania

This wins for sheer adorableness. Plus the teachers at 1:50 are the funkiest I've ever seen.

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