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This incredible video by a London animal rescue will make you want to adopt a dog immediately

The Mayhew Animal Home, an animal rescue organization in London, is gonna hit you right in the feels with this expertly crafted video, titled "Unloved."

The lesson is pretty simple. People are mean to each other, and dogs are filled with unconditional love.

Seems about right.

Warning: this video will make you want to go adopt a dog immediately. Owning a dog is a major commitment of time, money, and emotion. You should probably not immediately adopt a dog after watching this video, even though every part of your being feels that you must. Actually, you should probably adopt all the dogs.

If you are enjoying a good cry right now and want to keep the feels train moving, head on over to the Mayhew Animal Home website and take a look at the adoptable dogs. Each dog has a video profile, some of them set to music that has proven effective at manipulating your feelings.

Here's Kane:

And Daisy:

And Chunk:

omg brb, adopting dog.