Globe-trotting, theory-dropping DJ/Rupture has just released a new mix of cumbia on his soundcloud page. And to our GREAT pleasure, it is comprised entirely of “cumbia cumbia, not nuevo cumbia.” Not to say that we have any problem with the electro-sharp cumbia that’s been crawling through the portals of the internet these past couple of years, but these more wired in styles have often served to divert attention away from the extraordinary quantity of inventively heavy and dubbed out crazy sonidero-cumbias currently being produced all over the US and Mexico. Given that, it’s great to see a selector with Rupture’s stature throwing a much-needed spotlight on these wonderful sounds.

To be perfectly honest, this mix is not- literally speaking- new. Instead, it was originally part of a hour-long mix produced by Rupture in collaboration with Sonido Martines (you can catch his part here), and sold as a physical CD from an east village taco shop for a limited time. Until now, if you weren’t able to get there in time, you were out of luck. So make up for your loss, and play LOUD.

Enero 2013 Cumbia Mix (desde la ciudad de Nueva York!) by djrupture

If you want to hear more in this general style of Cumbia? Check out our post on cumbia editadas- an even heavier strand of sonidero!