Funk na Caxia continue the fight to get the world moving with ever more dance-ready grooves. This time they’ve got a new 11 song EP of rasterinha ready for streaming/download. The electronic dance music scene in Rio de Janeiro is constantly progressing, as producers and DJ’s innovate and remake the current trends. Somehow the site manages to stay on the cusp of what the favelas are rocking, which is no small task.

Tempo throughout the EP is a constant, solid 96 bpm (as we are told) and the usual elements like heavy bass, percussion samples, beatboxing and chopped up vocals are evident throughout. What makes this mix interesting is how unique each song can be while still using these basic parts.

A standout track would have to be “Que Bradinha” by Dj Gorky and Mc Gus, which features one of the more creative uses of a classic rock sample we’ve heard in a while. It’s all the more pleasing to note that the original tempo is unchanged. The rasterinha remix of “Take Control” features an amazing breakdown (25:30), showcasing the tonal sensibilities present within Brazilian drum ensembles. And “Bagulho Doido” by Omulu and Dj Comrade features both traditional percussion and casio synth tones, exemplifying the musical mashups of the genre. Turn it up!

We’ve covered the many iterations of baile funk for a while here at Afropop (check out our posts here and here), so we’re all about this mix. ”Rasterinha is the new rhythm for spring,” writes Caixa’s Renato Martins. We sure are ready for the end of winter, and will gladly play this EP to welcome the warm weather.