Maybe you’ve noticed that Afropop has thrown a few film screenings in the last few months. Maybe you’ve attended one of these fêtes, and maybe probably you stayed after the flick and danced until deep into the night (or at least as long as Videology’s neighbors let us.)

If you have, you’ve been dancing to the sweet sounds of our dear friends, the No Wahala DJs, comprised of DJ Chibuikem & DJ Quesquecest. They specialize in afrobeat(s), but boast a library of LPs from all over the place.

Working with these DJs on our past two film screenings, we’ve developed a deep respect for their knowledge and taste, so it’s with great excitement that we offer you DJ Chibuikem’s Road Extraction mixtape, a collection of his personal favorites from Trinidad’s Carnival, from which he just returned.

DJ Chibuikem, aka Vincent Southerland, has selected tracks for this mix that could only reflect the experience of a musical mind present for the larger-than-life proceedings of Carnival. The mix is a jam packed hour of exuberant, energetic, and inspiringly sex-positive Carnival songs, one after another. So if you’d like to have an Afropop Worldwide endorsed hour of joy, you know where to go.

Keep your eyes out for future Afropop Worldwide events!