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These 9 countries pay a higher minimum wage than the US


Denny's waitress Fong Van Luben (R) delivers free Grand Slam breakfasts to customers in Emeryville, Calif.


Justin Sullivan

US President Barack Obama is slated to push his proposal for a minimum wage increase again Wednesday, this time before a group of governors meeting in Connecticut.

Obama and other Democrats want the federal wage raised from $7.25 to $10.10 an hour, but most Republicans are opposed, saying it will cost too many jobs and hurt the still-fragile economy.

Some conservatives even want the concept eliminated entirely.

However, compared to other countries, America really isn't paying its poorest workers all that much.

These nine countries pay a higher minimum wage than the United States, according to figures from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

Wages were adjusted for purchasing power parity and used 2012 US dollars as the base year:


1. Luxembourg ($10.66/hour)

Construction workers in Luxembourg install an electricity pole. (AFP/Getty Images)


2. France ($10.60/hour)

An employee creates a sock at the Tricotage des Vosges factory in Vagney, eastern France. (SEBASTIEN BOZON AFP/Getty Images)


3. Australia ($10.21/hour)

Australian labourers prepare to hang state flags including that of Victoria (L) in Melbourne on the eve of the Australian Open. (ROMEO GACAD AFP/Getty Images)


4. Belgium ($9.97/hour)

A farmer with a boat filled with vegetables passes a canal during the interactive exhibition Life of the Country in the museum BroekerVeiling in Langedijk. (AFP/Getty Images)


5. The Netherlands ($9.48/hour)

Laborers work on the round tunnels of the North/South subway line with a pavermachine in Amsterdam. (LEX VAN LIESHOUT AFP/Getty Images)


6. Ireland ($9.01/hour)

(Belfast workers distribute sandbags in preparation for flooding in Northern Ireland. AFP/Getty Images)


7. New Zealand ($8.62/hour)

A farm hand herds cows to the milking shed on a dairy farm near Cambridge in New Zealand's Waikato region. (WILLIAM WEST AFP/Getty Images)


8. United Kingdom ($7.88/hour)

Ground staff clear water from the outfield as poor weather conditions delay the start of the LV County Championship between Surrey and Durham in London. (Clive Rose AFP/Getty Images)


9. Canada ($7.85/hour)

Neal Elsworth places socks loaded with mussels into a bin after retrieving them through the ice in New London Bay, Prince Edward Island, Canada. (Joe Raedle AFP/Getty Images)